YMCA of the East Bay

Creating Internal Program Measurement Systems

Leaders of the outdoor school at the Y’s Camp Arroyo sought help to develop their first program performance measurement system to better understand their program’s effectiveness. The small staff had no experience collecting participant outcomes data but wanted to start using a pre-/post-program survey. Given their lack of evaluation experience and limited resources, we weren’t sure what would be possible. Certainly, any new tool must be easy to administer and practical to analyze and make sense of. Staffers were happy with the short questionnaire and feasible strategies we developed and piloted. After the project, they continued using them to learn what participants were learning and how their attitudes were changing.

“After several years of successful results, I continue to contract with Eleanor. She provides a breadth of knowledge, solid research skills and expert analysis. In all her interactions, she is friendly, cooperative and flexible without compromising superior outcomes.” –Ginni Ring, Executive Director, CASA of Alameda County, formerly with YMCA of the East Bay

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