Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute: Agreeing on How to Grow Strategically

Children’s Hospital Research Institute Oakland (CHORI), part of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, had recently moved to a new larger space. Leaders needed to agree on how best to utilize the space, how to grow and how to prioritize the needs of their faculty researchers. I was hired to facilitate a strategic planning process with the board and senior staff to develop consensus on their vision of long-term social impact, top priorities for strategic growth and creation of a decision-making ┬álens through which to evaluate prospective opportunities. The project involved a review of the facility costs, management structures and growth plans of like organizations throughout the country, a survey of CHORI faculty’s anticipated space needs and high-level conversations with representative board and staff.

CHORI leaders were delighted that, within only five months, their team had reached a clear consensus on a new vision, new mission and a small set of strategic priorities and accompanying target outcomes in the areas of CHORI Programs, Management, Facilities and Funding.

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