Theory of Change

Photo by Kerry Lobel

"Eleanor led us to consensus on our intended
impact, target population and outcomes in just three meetings. It's changing how we talk about the agency.” - Alicia Vazquez, Director of Programs,
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center

• Is everyone in your group aiming for the same North Star?

• Are all your activities aligned to achieve meaningful social impact?

• Do your leaders agree on how social change occurs?

• Do you need a tool to communicate the link between your vision and programs?

Set a Course for Social Impact

A theory of change is one of the most effective tools leaders can use to make tough decisions based on an agreed-upon strategic framework. When everyone understands, agrees on and aligns all efforts to reach the same North Star, you are setting the stage for an effective and efficient organization.

Versatile Tool for Planning, Evaluation and Communications

Both a process and a by-product, theory of change is a powerful method that will, simultaneously, inspire your team, clarify how diverse activities advance a common vision, guide meaningful metrics and help board and staff share your mission with others.

We can help your foundation, nonprofit or collaborative develop, refine or implement a theory of change to:

• Kick off strategic planning with a shared vision
• Provide a results-focused framework for decision making
• Guide internal or external program evaluation
• Strengthen fundraising, marketing and communications
• Design new results-oriented programs
• Orient new board & staff to your organization
• Help align operations with your mission & vision
• Clarify how your different programs line up to serve a common vision