Are Blindspots About to Trip You Up?

A May 6, 2019 Nonprofit Quarterly article—“Hey Foundations: Nonprofits Can’t Register for This Conference, but That’s Not the Real Problem”–called out foundations and their affinity group, the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), for excluding the groups that do the heaviest lifting in the social sector from their upcoming conference. Author Kari Aanestad, co-director of … Read more

Talking About “What Works”

How do you answer questions about the difference you are making in the world? Do you and others in your nonprofit talk about program outcomes or program impact? In what ways do you describe the changes in your clients after they’ve been through your program? Do you compare their knowledge, attitudes or behavior after your … Read more

July 2014 Newsletter

I know you’re working hard to wrap up projects before your vacation or just returning from vacation to way too much unfinished business. I’ll keep this short so you can enjoy your summer! I’ve had fun (mostly) developing my new website in WordPress. Check out the new content and a slew of handy resources there. … Read more

Process Mapping Improves Program

I recently worked with an inner city nonprofit agency’s family resource center to improve internal program performance measurement systems and tools. The program provides parenting education and support services to immigrant mothers with young children. Its director wanted to better understand the program’s impact on clients’ lives and be able to report more reliable data … Read more