Strategic Planning

“You really got us and were flexible and open…. We did a lot of learning in this project. I don’t think the planning retreat could have gone more smoothly. It got us on a good path.”
–Mary Comerio, President, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

• Do all your board and staff understand, agree on and act to further the vision and mission?

• Does everyone employ the same set of values to guide them in their work?

• Do you have a way to identify, prioritize and nurture your strongest programs in the lean times?

• Do you have a roadmap laying out where you’re heading and how, specifically, you’ll get there and a way to track progress?

Planning Customized to Your Needs & Means
We will design and carry out customized strategic planning to get your organization headed in the right direction, taking into account your resources, assets, needs, culture and goals, as well external and internal circumstances.

We won’t leave you with a abstract set of long-range strategies; we will assist you in developing actionable, detailed implementation plans to ensure the “feel-good” planning retreat leads to concrete progress.

We have training and experience facilitating TOP methods, theory of change, real-time, issues-based, matrix mapping, appreciative inquiry and other strategic planning approaches.

The Benefits of Strategic Planning
When done well, strategic planning will lead to:
• More understanding of and agreement by the board, staff and other key stakeholders on the mission, vision and values;
• Improved alignment between vision, mission, programs and operations;
• An unambiguous framework for making decisions and allocating resources;
• Increased internal capacity to think strategically, tackle tough issues and decide the hard questions together;
• Greater sense of teamwork—esprit de corps;
• A clear roadmap to steer organization in its chosen strategic directions

Strategic Planning Services include:
• Design a customized process that builds on your organization’s strengths, fits your culture, tolerance for planning and available resources;
• Conduct an organizational assessment and internal diagnostic;
• Carry out stakeholder and other external research;
• Conduct a SWOT or other type of analytical summary;
• Facilitate a participatory, consensus-based strategic planning retreat;
• Design and guide implementation action planning