Shanti Project: Rationalizing Program Design & Flow

Improving the Program’s Design for Clients and Staff

A program to help immigrant women with cancer more easily navigate the healthcare system faced significant growing pains. Referrals to the successful program were increasing while the group lacked the resources to hire more staff to handle the rising demand. Staff was nearing burnout. A review of the program revealed that clients continued to receive staff support longer than originally intended. Many were staying far beyond the critical period after diagnosis and during treatment. The program director determined that the program needed to be redesigned to build the women’s social skills so that they could be transitioned to community and family support after the intensive first several months or year.

“Working with Eleanor was amazing. She helped me clarify my program’s goals, outcomes and evaluation methods, making it more attractive to funders AND better for clients.” –Beth Pickens, former Program Director, Shanti Project

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