Program R&D


“We owe much of our success to you, Eleanor. You challenged us to tease out the necessary details [in our program design]. It really made a difference." - Tomás Magaña, Founder/Director,
FACES for the Future Coalition

• Are you considering adding or expanding a program to better serve your clients & mission? 

• Want to hear from intended beneficiaries whether they really need and would use it? 

• Need to understand the program's "competition" and likely supporters?

• Need help creating the program’s design and a feasible plan to implement it?

Listening First: Community and Market Research

It is critical to listen to prospective constituents about their real needs and receptivity to a new program idea. It's also imperative to understand your market and clarify your value proposition. Players already in the field are your potential partners or your competition for resources.

Assessing Fit and Feasibility: Organizational Capacity Assessment

We can test the feasibility of new programming and help assess prospects for sustainability. We can also help you clarify the new program’s target impact and the most effective route to that impact. And we can identify relevant best practices you’ll want to incorporate in your new program.

Program Research & Development Services include:

• Community Needs Assessment
• Market Research & Competitive Analysis
• Organization Capacity Assessment
• Strategy Development and Theory of Change
• Best Practices Research (including evidence-based models)
• Program Design and Logic Modeling
• Implementation Planning

Above Photo: Nesa by Makers, Unsplash