Program Evaluation

“Eleanor is the horse whisperer of outcomes planning. She calms confused, resistant program staffers by using language they actually understand.” - Alina Trowbridge,
St. Anthony Foundation

• Do your board and staff agree on the social impact your group is seeking to create?

• Do you lack confidence when prospective board, staff or funders ask about your impact?

• Can you easily prove your organization's impact on your clients and the community?

• Do you talk about outputs when asked what difference your group is making?

Appropriate to Your Needs & Within Your Means

Wherever your organization is on the evaluation continuum, we will design customized, practical ways to get you started measuring program outcomes or develop and implement strategies to take your evaluation efforts to the next level.

The Benefits of Improving Evaluation Capacity

Research has shown that organizations routinely using performance data in their planning, communications and decision-making attract more trust and support and, at the same time, reduce operating costs by increasing efficiency.

Evaluation Services include:

• Design & pilot internal mixed methods performance measurement systems & tools
• Audit & improve current performance measurement systems & tools
• Facilitate creation of program logic models
• Design & administration of mixed methods program evaluation--process and/or outcomes evaluation