Leadership Coaching for Social Sector Leaders


You’re committed to building a better world.

I’m committed to coaching social sector leaders to clarify priorities and set boundaries to avoid burnout and thrive.

The Great Resignation hit the social sector hard. Understaffing means impossible workloads for nonprofit and philanthropy professionals. No wonder you feel exhausted, anxious and nearing burnout.

You should not have to dread going to work every day or lose sleep doing the work you love.

I’ve been in your shoes. For the past 30 years, I have worked in or with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to help them meet their missions.

I help social sector leaders clarify priorities and set boundaries to avoid burnout and thrive.

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What People Say about Eleanor’s Leadership Coaching

“The pace of our organization’s rapid growth and change can sometimes feel overwhelming. After the coaching with Eleanor, I felt more optimistic. I was able to appreciate the resources we have, including our board’s enthusiasm and commitment and the investment we’ve made in our amazing staff. Eleanor offered diverse ideas and insightful connections from a perspective I wouldn’t have found on my own.” Amanda Eicher, Executive Director, NIAD Art Center

“The coaching sessions with Eleanor were invaluable to me and helped me manage both up and down. I benefited from the regular attention of a smart person to serve as a sounding board for what I was thinking about. And I appreciated the regularity of our calls for accountability.” — Moira Duvernay, Deputy Director, Center for Gender & Refugee Studies 

“Eleanor’s recommended resources and validating feedback boosted my confidence at work. As a supportive coach and thought partner, she encouraged me to take risks to develop right-sized presentations, deliver them effectively and facilitate meetings. After a recent meeting, colleagues praised my new skills, and two board members joined the Grants Team I lead.”    — Jessie Galloway, Program Officer, Ability Central Philanthropy

“Eleanor’s coaching was instrumental to my career growth. I shared about organizational culture and other workplace challenges; she offered insight and practical suggestions–always with a sense of humor. Working with Eleanor helped me gain confidence to stretch outside my comfort zone and reach for my goals.” — Mia DeJesus, Grants Officer, Energy Foundation

“What makes Eleanor an excellent coach is her passion for helping professionals in social impact spaces, her interpersonal skills and her ability to understand people and their motivations. She helped me think through next steps and shared relevant resources. If you’re a nonprofit professional seeking coaching, Eleanor can help you engage in intentional exploration with her wealth of experience and expertise.” — Brian Kim, Housing Program Manager, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development