Bella Vista Foundation


Theory of Change Capacity Building for Grantees

After developing its own theory of change, the Bella Vista Foundation decided to invest in building grantee capacity using the same approach as a way to increase the foundation’s ability, down the road, to evaluate its social impact. Leaders felt that an early step was to help grantees clarify their intended impact and boost their capacity to evaluate and learn which of their activities led to the desired outcomes. The foundation invited their early childhood development grantees to a theory of change workshop and to apply for small grants for facilitated theory of change planning and logic modeling. Five groups received the “mini-grants” and received one or both services.

“Eleanor worked with several grantee organizations, each quite different from the others in terms of their current level of expertise in this type of planning. She was thorough, patient, effective and great to work with. Thanks, Eleanor, for making this a successful project for everyone.” – Mary L. Gregory, Philanthropy Executive at Pacific Foundation Services & Executive Director, Bella Vista Foundation

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